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Our Story

My father, Sam Ortner, the founder of the company, was a great salesman and entrepreneur. He worked hard as a teenager back in the late 1920's, selling whatever he could to make money during the depression years and was able, while still attending school during the days, to make enough money in the afternoons to support his parents, two brothers and two sisters. After graduating high school he got a job with the Markwell Mfg. Co. in New York, selling staplers and staples. In the evenings, he studied and put himself through college and law school. Upon completing his education he started his own business, the S. Ortner Staple Co. Over the years, through acquisitions of other small companies and expansion of his product line and sales staff he created what today is the Seal-O-Matic Corporation.

About 60 years ago Sam expanded into the safety market by manufacturing our first patented safety knife, the Lewis K310. The success of this knife led to the development and distribution of other safety tools over the years. In 2000, I invented and patented the Lewis K710 Locking Safety Knife. Manufactured in Colorado, this unique tool has received rave reviews and glowing endorsements since its inception and has a proven track record for reducing injuries in the workplace.

Sam Ortner knew that quality products, fair pricing and good service were the important factors that would ensure success and longevity in the industry. He would personally deliver even one box of staples to his local accounts, the same day they placed the order.

Now, almost 80 years later, our creed is still the same. Offer quality products at fair prices, give good personalized service and ship promptly. This is why our loyal customers stay with us year after year.


Mel Ortner